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Series 1Edit

Series 1 has fourteen episodes and two Christmas specials. Decca03 (the head writer of series 1) is the writer of the first and last episodes (+ the Christmas Specials). The last episodes is 2 parts. It starts the Twelfth Doctor.

2012 Christmas Special Edit

Title Writer Companion(s) Doctor Airdate
The Palace of Death Decca03 Man 11th December 24th, 2012

Main episodesEdit

# Title Writer Companion(s) Doctor
1 The Odd Carnival Decca03 Introduction of Lilly Smith Introduction of the 12th Doctor
2 The Emperor of Time Lloyd ninja Lilly Smith 12th
3 The Space Show Lilly Smith 12th
4 Race Against Time
5 Space Vaders Decca03
6 Daleks Invasion
8 Mission to Death Decca03
9 Killer TARDIS
10 The Tardis Museum
11 Unit in Parrell Decca03
12 Day Of Dawn
13 part 1
14 part 2
The Children of Death
Into the Darkness

Lilly Smith 12th